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Call it a day

Meaning/Usage: Used to express that the work day is over.

Explanation: "Call it" is often times used to make a decision.  When you add "day" to this, then a person is making a decision to say that the day is over.  This is mostly used to end a working day.

"Let's call it a day.  I'm too tired to continue working."
"We can't continue working without Mike, so let's call it a day."
"It's already nine o'clock.  Let's call it a day."

A:  "How much more work do we have for tonight?"
B:  "I think we finished everything for the day."
A:  "Good.  Let's call it a day then."

Other Common Sentences

"Let's turn in for the night."
"I think we should pick it up from the morning."
pick it up = continue