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Dating - Follow Up and Flirting

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If the conversation goes well, and you feel that you have a strong connection, feel free to ask for a date. There are a couple of ways to do so. You can either ask for a phone number, or you can ask to go out by meeting somewhere. When you the conversation is about to end, make sure to bring up the subject of a date.

"It was so great talking to you. I would love to get together and chat some more. Would you care to have dinner with me sometime?"
"If you don't have anything planned for Saturday, I would like to take you to dinner."
"We should talk some more later. Can I get your number?"

There are many ways and if you are sincere, then you shouldn't have a problem. If you feel you are not sure, or you are scared, then you can leave your phone number and hope that the other person calls.

"I enjoyed talking to you. Let me give you my number. I would love to hear from you."
"Give me a call anytime you want to just chat."


The previous section was more for people who usually start up a conversation before asking a person on a date. There are other types of meeting people. There is a terminology called flirting that is popular. Flirting basically means to make gestures or movements or comments that are a little sexual in nature. So if you move your body in a certain way, or you rub the other persons arm slightly, or talk about slightly sexual things, then that is considered flirting.

Flirting is all dependent on both sides. It is hard for only one person to do the flirting. If that is the case, then the other person usually finds a quick exit out. Here are some things people might say while flirting.

"Hey sexy. I can't believe I didn't notice you earlier."
"How come you didn't ask me to dance yet?"
"You have nice legs."
"I can tell you workout. You have a nice body."
"You want to feel my muscles?"

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