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I Owe You

Meaning/Usage: Similar to giving someone a debt coupon

Explanation: The literal meaning is exactly as it appears.  However, this expression is merging all the words together to create a noun phrase.  The closest meaning is a debt coupon.  The coupon would be a piece of paper that would be a promise to pay back what was borrowed.

"I don't have any money so can I get an I owe you."
"I'll need an I owe you because I don't have any money."
"I used up an I owe you already so he won't let me borrow again!"

A.  "Do you want to grab a steak tonight?"
B.  "I'd love to, but I won't have any money until payday?"
A.  "I'll give you an I owe you until you get your paycheck!"
B.  "Thanks man.  I appreciate that."

Other Common Sentences

"Can I borrow it from you?"
"Can I pay you back later?"