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You're Telling Me

Meaning/Usage: Agreeing with someone

Explanation: In a statement form, this is agreeing with someone.  In a question form, it can be a sarcastic remark related to hypocrisy.  For example, a person who is fat tells a less fat person, A: "You need to go on a diet."  B: "You're telling me?"

"You're telling me, that book was one of the best I've ever read."
"You're telling me, I already knew that was going to happen if he did not listen."
"You're telling me, if she keeps it up she will lose 20 pounds."

A.  "She sure is a good teacher."
B.  "You're telling me!  She taught me everything I know."

A.  "That girl sure is beautiful."
B.  "You're telling me.  She is the hottest girl in our school!"

Other Common Sentences

Semi sarcastic way of saying, "I agree with you."